Himalayans and Persians DO require grooming.

To keep the coat in good condition, they should be combed with a wide toothed comb at least once a week. They will get mats from time to time - please be gentle when getting them out. Many cats are not happy with having the belly, legs and under the arms and tail done. It is best to do these areas first, and then finish with the areas they enjoy. It is always best to end with a good experience.

A bath is needed to keep them from being greasy. I use Dawn with water for the first wash to cut the grease. Follow up with a good pet shampoo. The rinsing is the most important part, so be sure to rinse, rinse... and rinse some more! Make sure you have gotten all the shampoo out. I like to clean the face with a baby wash cloth with water or a special face shampoo, being very careful not to get any in the eyes. I also clean the ears while they are in the sink.

When you are done rinsing, wrap them in a towel and soak up as much of the water as possible. I rinse the eyes with saline while they are wrapped, and I also clip the nails while I have them in the towel. I hold mine in the towel for a bit to get them more dry.

You can use a Hair dryer to dry them. Be sure to start from the back and work your way up. This will help so they don’t get as scared. Make sure you are using a LOW heat setting - you do not want to burn or overheat your kitty.

I am always available if you have questions.