Hello my name is Kelli and I am part of a family team. My husband Brian and I started showing Himalayans, and then moved into breeding. We have added the beloved Persian to our program as well. We fell in love with this breed because of their personalities. They love to be part of the family and will follow us around like dogs. We have a small breeding program concentrating on health, personality and CFA standards. Our kittens are very well socialized and raised underfoot with the help of all the family. If you come to our home you will be greeted by the furry family, too.

I started like most with one show Kitty and the hubby in tow. We found fun and excitement while also making new friends and discovered a new path in our life. I have found that caring for these little creatures has helped us in so many ways. They can ease chronic pain, keep me moving to stay healthier and provide love to relieve stress and depression.

We have some wonderful mentors helping us out like Kathy Durdick. We then became friends with Cheryl Fisher of Purr-Majik and Judy Oja of Puffy Paws and everything changed. Judy and Cheryl both entrusted us with kittens to improve our program. They have supplied us with some of their knowledge and plenty of helpful hints. We are happy to be able to offer some nice kittens and we owe a big thank you especially to Judy!

This is my heart and joy and I am happier than I ever have been. We would love to share our little blessings with you as well. Please come in look around and hopefully you will fall in love as I have but please remember it is easy to fall for a kitten, but they do require love, attention, grooming and a commitment for their lifetime.

Kissaboo Katz
You are my everything and I will adore you"